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What player development opportunities are available if players do not participate in the Fall U10 or U11 Travel team program?
Players who are not able to participate at the U10 or U11 Travel level have an opportunity to play on a Academy 10 or Academy 11 team (formerly known as House Plus Development Team).  

SCOR’s intent is to provide our younger enthusiastic non-Travel players the opportunity to continue to develop in an environment that is competitive and developmentally appropriate.
We are providing Academy 10 & 11 level players with the same amount and quality of professional coaching instruction that our Travel players experience. Professional instruction 2x per week and professional coach guidance at in-house competition on Saturdays will allow these players to have the positive and developmentally appropriate environment they deserve to have.

What age groups do the Academy 10 & 11 represent?
Academy 10 = Under 10 players born in 2009
Academy 11 = Under 11 players born in 2008

Who is the Academy 10 or 11 coach?
We will provide one professional coach for each Academy 10 & 11 team from our pool of instructors.  All coaches are qualified, experienced and certified coaches.  

What role does the professional coach play at games?
Professional coaches will play a facilitating role at games, making observations and providing guidance and direction to team players.  

Do players practice as a team?
Yes.  Players will be rostered on a designated team and they will practice together as a team throughout the season.  

When do the teams practice?
Practices are twice per week on Wednesday and Fridays, 4:30-6:00 or 6:00-7:30.

How long is the season?
Season is 10 -12 weeks long starting end of August.

When and what League do these teams play in?
These Academy 10 & 11 team will be entered into the House 3/4 and 5/6 Grade Divisions respectively.  As is the case in the Travel Program, the Academy 10 & 11 teams will be competing in the usual 8vs8 format.

Please Consider Becoming a Parent Manager Assistant Coach at Games …
If you have an interest in volunteering as a Parent Manager Assistant Coach (PMAC) for your child’s team this spring then please contact Phil Bergen at .  The support of our volunteer coaches and managers have always been a huge asset to the success of our programs.  The primary responsibilities of a PMAC include communication, assisting the pro coach at games with managing substitutions, player injuries and player encouragement.  We appreciate your consideration to help out as a PMAC.