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Dear Parents, 
I am sure you are all aware by now of the opportunity SCOR is providing our current U10 and U11 players with a Premier Program option.  The intent to host a U11 and U12 Boys Premier team starting this Fall is simple, “to provide those players with the desire to play more soccer an opportunity to do so in Ridgefield in a focused and proven environment”. 
The commitment level expected will be comparable to that of other premier programs.  The difference being that these committed players will be able to stay together in Ridgefield in a regimented training program, in preparation to represent SCOR and Ridgefield, down the stretch when standings become more important.
This email is not meant to convince or force any player to enroll.  It merely serves as a reminder that SCOR has developed this program in response to the demands for another level of play for players who want to be more committed to the sport. 
I am convinced this program will prove highly beneficial towards contributing to the long term development of our players. Should parents/players choose not to sign-up, the option to continue playing soccer will remain available under our current Travel Program. 
SCOR has had the privilege of contributing towards providing the tools for Ridgefield High School Varsity girls and boys high school teams to always be most competitive.  Both high school programs continue to achieve a consistent level of play and have proven to be most competitive from year to year.  
If your child is interested in participating in the Tryouts on May 13th then please register online.  If you have any questions then please feel free to contact me directly at
Phil Bergen
Coaching Director
Soccer Club of Ridgefield
Phone: 203.770.6064
Pilot a SCOR Premier Program starting fall 2017 for U11 & U12 Boys age groups, to establish future opportunities to develop SCOR’s more serious and talented players.
A partnership relationship between SCOR and Team Excel Soccer will provide players with the opportunities to excel more expeditiously in a local, competitive and full rounded individual player and group development environment. 
SCOR’s Role: 
  • Publicly build a relationship with TES and promote the partnership as the most viable option. 
  • Encourage eligible players from an age/gender group to stick together and play for a SCOR/TES Premier Program. 
  • Facilitate registration. 
  • Communicate to membership the benefits of having this relationship. 
  • Less traveling demands. 
  • Provide a higher level of play. 
  • Common philosophy with emphasis on development.
We feel that the timing to introduce a SCOR/TES Premier Program is perfect. SCOR loses players every year for all the right reasons. 
They want to play with more serious players, they want to play more soccer and they want to be in a program that offers and guides them to the next level and beyond. 
If parents know at the very young ages that SCOR has indeed a long-term plan to accommodate the more serious and talented players then they are less likely to be tempted to leave the SCOR program.  I hope the Board recognizes the immediate need and the opportunity to provide an in-house competitive premier level team program for our more serious and talented players.
Annual Cost Per Player: $2,500 
Payment Structure: 
1st Payment: $1,000* Due Date: June 20th, 2017 
2nd Payment: $1,000 Due Date: October 20th, 2017 
Balance Due Date: March 20th, 2018 
*$75 non-refundable for those that make the team but decide to drop out after May 31st, 2017.
What commitment level is expected from parents and players?
A full annual commitment.
Players progress will depend on individual’s level of dedication to the Program. 
  • Fall & Spring Season Practice 3x week (Mon, Tue, Thurs) 
  • Saturday or Sunday League and Cup games 
  • 13-15 week season 
  • 1-3 tournaments annually (including winter tournament) 
  • Winter Program: 2x per week for 10 weeks
Why is price significantly less than other premier programs?
Our #1 priority is to make it as cost effective as possible for all parents without leaving the impression that quality will be compromised. We don’t want cost to be a deterrent.
Are out-of-towners allowed to try out and play?
Out-of-Towners are allowed to try out but if the Ridgefield talent pool is deep enough then we will not roster out-of-towners. At most, we will allow 2 out-of-towners onto the roster.
Why are you offering only a boys program?
This Program is intended to be a pilot program. If there is a demand for a Girl’s Premier Program then we are ready to offer such.

Does every candidate trying out for TES/SCOR Premier team make the team?

No.  We have a Travel Program that caters to players of several levels.  If candidates are not yet ready to play at the Premier level then we will encourage those players to continue to play at the Travel level and we will continue to focus on providing them with the tools to excel.  Although it is important to offer our membership all levels of play, we have no intentions to deplete our Travel Program of players.  Deciding whether a team or players should stay at the Travel level or not could prove to be difficult but regardless, opportunities to excel will still exist across all programs.

Who are the coaches?
Phil Bergen & Adam Sebastian
See resumes at
Any coach working within the TES Premier Program will possess the needed experience and national level certifications.
Coaches will be fully committed to SCOR/TES Premier Program.
Where will the teams practice and play?
Practices and home games will take place in Ridgefield.
What league will the teams play in?
Connecticut Club Soccer League (sanctioned by US Club Soccer) 
  • All CT based premier teams 
  • Participating clubs - Everton, Revolution, Shoreline, Academica, CT Pythons, ACC, Ct Rush, Sporting, FSA, Oakwood 
  • NY Cup (Champions League format)
When are the Tryouts?
13th May 2017, 1 week prior to regular Classic Travel Tryouts. 
How does the player evaluation process work?
U11 & U12 Players assessed as ’Premier’ ready will be considered for the SCOR/TES Select Program.
If a full roster of players are recognized as Premier ready and enough of those players accept a roster spot and register, then we will offer a ‘Premier’ team program for that age group.
Players are evaluated on individual skill and game effectiveness, as well as overall speed and athleticism. 
Player commitment will be needed by May 31st, 2017.
Is there a Tryout fee? What about refunds?
Yes, there is a $75 tryout fee. Tryout fee must be paid at Tryout check-in.
Tryout fee will be included in SCOR/TES Premier Program cost.
Tryout fee refunds will be issued to all players that do not make the team. 
No paid registration fees will be refunded to those that drop out after June 15th, 2017 unless for medical reasons and/or any reasonable excuses discussed and agreed upon by Phil Bergen.
Travel Program Related Information:
Travel Tryouts:
U11-14 Boys and Girls Dates: Thursday May 25th and Tuesday May 30th 
Time: During regular practice sessions
Travel Tryout Process: 
  • All current players are assessed throughout spring season. 
  • New players are directed to attend 1 of ‘B’ and 1 of ’A’ team sessions. Players can be referRed directly by DOC to ‘A’ session if initially deemed as ‘A’ team quality. 
  • Pro coach evaluates all players based on season and/or tryout period performances. Players are ranked with specific indication as to what level of play is suitable. 
  • 1 guest coach provides support to confirm final status of players. 
  • Current Travel team coaches confirm player placement (roster) before rosters become finalized and communicated to parents.
U10 Travel Tryouts: 
  • Incoming U10’s have 2 tryout sessions 
  • Dates: May 21st and June 4th. 
  • Time: Boys / 4:00-6:00 and Girls / 6:00-8:00 
  • Pro Coach evaluations based on Academy 9 practices, games and/or tryout sessions.
Number of Travel teams: 
  • U10-U12 / 1-3 teams depending on level of play. 
  • U13 / 1-2 Teams depending number of rostered players and level of ‘B’ team. Must be Travel-ready otherwise play House. 
  • U14 / 1-2 Teams depending number of rostered players and level of ‘B’ team. Must be Travel-ready otherwise play House.
 Phil Bergen, Sr.
 Director of Operations
 Team Excel Soccer, LLC
 (203) 770-6064