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District Policies and Guidelines
Updated 08-25-2012


This Page hage been created to address the more common questions raised by new referees pertaining to district policies.  The information below has been extracted from the CJSA SWD Distict policies.  If you would like to add content please email the .

Game durations

  • Note: If both team coaches agree, the halves can be shortened but must remain equal in length.
Game Length
Ball size   
U19 - U17
Two 45 Minute halves
U16 - U13
Two 40 Minute halves
U12 - U11
Two 40 Minute halves
U10 - U9
Two 35 Minute halves






Minimum number of players

  • Games may be played with seven (7) players for full sided games and five (5) players for small sided games

Game Times

  • If teams mutually agree games may be scheduled outside of stated hours.  Grace Period for Arrival of Teams: A fifteen (15) minute grace period, beyond the scheduled match time, will be allowed for the arrival of a team. If at least one (1) player – from the team – is at the field within fifteen (15) minutes of the start time, an additional grace period of five (5) minutes will be given for the team to field a minimum of seven (7) players for full sided games and five (5) for small sided games. The referee shall notify the district of either or both team’s failure to appear within the grace period(s) and either or both teams will take a forfeit loss and lose 2 points from the standings.

Interupted Games

  • In the event a game is rescheduled, canceled or abandoned because of inclement weather, the game shall be made up. To count, a game must be two equal halves.  If a game must be stopped for weather before two equal halves have been played, it must be rescheduled.  In the event that the scheduled away team travels and through no fault of this team, the game is not played or needs to be replayed, then the game will now be played on this team’s field. The original home team is responsible for the referee fees for the canceled or abandoned game. The away team becomes the new home team and will be responsible for referee fees for the replayed match.
  • Lightning – Recognizing the threat. Apply the 30-30 rule: When you see lightning, count the time until you hear thunder. If this time is 30 seconds or less, seek proper shelter. If you can’t see the lightning, just hearing the thunder is a good back-up rule. Wait 30 minutes or more after hearing the last thunder before leaving shelter. Referees must protect the safety of all participants by stopping game activities quickly, so that participants and spectators may retire to a safer place before the lightning threat becomes significant. Remember, if you can hear the thunder, you are within reach of lightning.

Referee Procedures

  1. Only USSF Certified Referee Assignors may assign referees and/or assistant referees to SWD League Games. The DRA may approve an assignment in an emergency situation.  
  2. Referees or assistant referees shall not be assigned to a match if they are related to any player, coach, assistant coach, or manager on a team in that match.
  3. Relation is defined as; father, mother, brother, sister, and step before any of the aforementioned members.
  4. A three-person diagonal referee system will be used; the two-person/whistle system is not to be used.
  5. The home club in all Classic and Recreational Plus matches shall assign a USSF certified  referee and when possible the home club will also furnish two USSF certified assistant referees. In situations where two assistant referees are not available each team will provide a club linesperson. The only function of the club linesperson/s shall be to signal when the ball is out of bounds. If only one assistant referee is available the away team will be given the choice to supply a club linesperson, if they refuse the home team will supply the club linesperson.   
  6. Center referees must be at least two years older then the teams playing for U-9 through U14 matches. Center referees for U-15 and up must be at least one year older then the teams playing.
  7. Referees will complete a game report for any game they are assigned to and forward that game report to the DRA.
  8. All DRA assigned referees and/or assistant referees will be paid before the game and according to the schedule below. The schedule below includes a travel fee.
  • U-11 to U-14 $60.00 and $40.00
  • U-15 to U-19 $65.00 and $45.00

Rosters and Passes

  • For all Classic League games, teams are required to provide a certified roster for the referee and opposing coach.
  • A player pass is mandatory for all players in the Classic Leagues, except for U-9. However the player must still appear on the certified roster/pool to play.
  • The penalty for a coach who knowingly plays an ineligible player is automatic suspension for the rest of the seasonal year and referral to the Disciplinary Committee for possible further sanctions.

No Pass Present at Game

  • In the event that a player or team official does not have a pass and is on the certified roster, he/she may sign in on the certified roster next to his/her entry.
  • For SWD games U-9 players do not need player passes, U-9 players do not need to sign in as long as they are on the certified roster/pool.

No Roster Present at Game

  • If a team has passes but no roster at a game, the players and team officials must create a roster with names, player birth dates and signatures next to each respective entry.  By signing the roster, team officials are declaring that all players and team officials are eligible, in good standing and are not suspended from play for any reason, and that the information provided is a true reflection of the missing roster.  A copy of the certified roster must be received at the district office (or received by the district registrar or vice president) within 5 days of the match.  Failure to provide the team’s roster within five days will result in the automatic suspension of the coach (and possibly other team officials) for two league matches.

If a team has neither passes nor a roster at a game

  • The team must follow the procedure above for both missing passes and missing roster.

Name not on Roster

  • If a player has a player pass and is not on the certified roster, she/he may NOT participate in the match. Players must be on the certified roster to participate for that match for all Classic League games. Guest players are not allowed.  EXCEPTION: For friendly matches (non-league) and for U9 and U10, guest players holding a valid CJSA pass for the current season may participate with the consent of the opposing coach.

Team Official not on Roster

  • A maximum of four (4) team officials who are registered with CJSA for the current season may be present on the sideline.  If he or she does not appear on the roster, the name must be printed legibly on the roster retained by the referee.