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Registration and Player Options
Organizational Questions
Field-related Questions
Referee-related Questions

Registration and Player Options

Q. What are the soccer programs available to our children?

A. The basic programs are House, Academy, and Travel. Click here to see detail on the full list of SCOR programs.

Q. When does registration begin?

A. This depends on the program. Generally Fall registration opens late in the spring and usually stays open until June. Spring begins in January and usually runs into March. SCOR members are notified of registration schedules via e-mail. Dates are also advertised in the local newspaper. And you can always visit the club calendar for specific dates.

Q. When does the season begin?

A. Fall - Travel Soccer begins in late August and Academy and House begin in September. Spring - All programs begin in April.

Q. When will I be notified which team my child is on?

A. You will be notified about team information by e-mail several weeks before the season begins. Shortly after that you will be notified of practice times and field designations.

Q. What time are practices?

A. Practice times vary form program to program and from season to season. For general information on team practice go to the schedule page for the individual program (e.g. travel, academy, etc.)

Q. How to Register for Academy I & II?

A. These are both considered house rec programs. After logging into the registration system, under program selection be sure to select House and NOT Academy or Travel.

Q. Why can't I register my 3 year old for pre-K?

A. Pre-K means your child is going to Kindergarten the next fall.

Q. How are Travel teams picked?

A. Players are ranked by ability among their respective age groups by our professional coaching staff. Team placement is done by age and numeric ranking. This process is described in more detail on our Travel Program Information page.

Q. How do the age groupings work in Travel Soccer?

A. The SCOR Travel age groups range from Under 10 (U10) to Under 18 (U18). Your child meets the maximum age limit for a given age group if he/she is under that age as of August 1st of the Soccer year. The Soccer year begins with the Fall season and runs through Spring. Click here for an Age Group Matrix from the US Youth Soccer Web Site. Players can "play up" in older divisions depending on skill level but they cannot play down.

Q. What kind of commitment is required for Travel Soccer.

A. Travel soccer is specifically for the more dedicated soccer players. Soccer is a year round sport with competitive seasons in the Fall and Spring. There are generally 2 practices per week and games on weekends. In addition, travel teams can participate in as many as 2 tournaments per season. Click here for more detail on our Travel Program Information page.

Q. What is SCOR's Financial Aid policy?

A. SCOR Financial Aid Policy

Q. What is a "player pass" session?

A. Travel soccer players need to have a signed pass with a 1x1 picture on it. Prior to the season start, our registrar sets up sessions at the SCOR office for parents and players to come by and take care of this in person. Members are notified of these sessions via e-mail. YOU NEED TO SUPPLY THE PICTURE. You also need to supply a copy of your child's birth certificate if they are new to SCOR Travel Soccer.

Q. Are there tryouts?

A. There are tryouts for Travel soccer only and only for the Fall season. We advertise tryouts in the local paper and we notify members via e-mail. Evaluations can also be made during our winter indoor sessions for the Spring season for new SCOR travel players. Click here for more detail on our Travel Program Information page.

Q. Uniforms?

A. Members are required to purchase uniforms for Academy and Travel. Uniforms are supplied by the club for House players. SCOR uniforms are provided exclusively by Soccer & Rugby Imports.

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Organizational Questions

Q. I'm new to soccer, how does it work?

A. Our click here for an overview of the programs offered by SCOR.

Q. I have a soccer problem and need to talk to someone, who do I contact?

A. You can use our Contact Page or our Club Directory.

Q. How can I find out more about volunteering for SCOR?

A. SCOR is a member run volunteer organization and we can always use an extra hand. Its all about giving time to provide the kids with a great soccer experience. Click here to find out more information about volunteering for SCOR.

Q. When does the SCOR Board of Directors meet?

A. The SCOR Board of Directors meet typically the first Monday of every month at 6:30 PM at the Boys and Girls Club (41 Governor Street). SCOR is a volunteer organization with active participation from many of its members. We would like to invite you and encourage you to come and get involved. It's a great and rewarding experience.

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Field-related Questions

Q. Who is responsible for field closures in Ridgefield?

A. The Ridgefield Parks & Recreation department. They are located at 195 Danbury Rd. Ridgefield, Ct. (203) 431-2755.

Q. How do you deal with field closings?

A. Although the Ridgefield Parks & Recreation department is the authority, SCOR makes every effort to notify its members about field closures. Our home page displays field closures and our field information page contains detailed information on the fields in Ridgefield.

Q. Where can I find directions to Ridgefield soccer fields?

A. Click here to get to soccer field directions and other field information.

Q. How do I get field space for my team?

A. SCOR Team managers should contact the SCOR field assignor. If this is NOT for a SCOR team or group you will need to contact the Parks & Recreation department (203) 431-2755.

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Referee-related Questions

Q. I want to referee fro SCOR, what do I do?

A. Referees that want to work for SCOR should contact the SCOR ref assignor.

Q. I had a referee problem at a SCOR game today, what do I do?

A. Please use our contact page and be sure to fill in the subject and select "Referees" as the category.

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